Foot Fresh mission is to provide the consumer with FOOT FRESH foot care products and HERBAL TOUCH natural skin care products made with natural ingredients (mostly plant derived) without fillers or dyes to enhance the appearance of the products.

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What is in our products?

All products are manufactured in Yorkton, SK. HERBAL TOUCH hemp oil products include a line of HEMP oil Hand Milled Soaps, special purpose Unscented HEMP Soaps, Body Cream, Spa-Fizzes, and Bath Kisses. Hemp oil is one of the few botanical oils that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. It is also the only oil recognized by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION as a natural anti-oxidant as well as having a balanced source of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. FOOT FRESH and HERBAL TOUCH also contains anti-bacterial calendula oil (used in WWI as an antiseptic directly on soldiers’ wounds).

Scientific proof of results

Foot Fresh has done the research on this product and an independent 3 1/2 Scientific Study by a Government Approved Canadian Scientific Laboratory proved that the results that they obtained by their efforts were confirmed. It works by doing a complete kill of the bacteria and fungus on the skin that cause foot odor. They state that they are proud that FOOT FRESH is the best foot odor product on the market today and that it has changed the lives of so many people who were embarrassed by foot odor.

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