How We Started Making Reusable Glass Straws:

Hi! I’m Aimee Promislow and as both a lifelong craftsperson and a lifelong recycler, in 2014 I found a way to combine both passions and founded GlassSipper.

I started making glass beads in 2006. I loved creating fun and cute beads with dogs, cats, fish and even turtles on them, but didn’t know what to do with them. At the same time, we had bought a Vitamix blender and were making smoothies every morning. The kids wanted straws for their smoothie, but the only smoothie straw we knew about was a plastic one.

Then late one night, frustrated with plastic straws spilling out of our kitchen drawers, not to mention the guilt of using all of those plastic straws, I had a ‘eureka’ moment. I realized that instead of making glass beads, I could be making reusable glass drinking straws. That night GlassSipper was born and I found a way to marry my love of making glass art and helping the environment.

In the summer of 2016 my husband Fred stopped being a lawyer and joined GlassSipper. Together, we are committed to ridding the world of plastic straws and replacing them with our reusable, toxin-free, environmentally friendly and fun glass drinking straws. 

We live in Vancouver BC, close to the ocean with our 2 teenage boys and border terrier pup. Although the boys use GlassSippers daily, they have yet to join the family business 🙂

Our Straws:

We make each Glass Sipper straw by hand in our Vancouver BC studio using an ancient technique called lamp-working. We create our fun and cute designs by melting, then fusing, coloured glass onto clear-glass straws with a 2500 F degree torch. We create our straws with minimal environmental impact. Even our packaging is recyclable and or reused.

GlassSipper uses only the highest quality borosilicate glass from the Czech Republic, the same glass used to make Pyrex glassware. Our straws are natural, strong, toxin-free and can be used 100’s of times. Good for hot and cold beverages, Glass Sippers are dishwasher and microwave safe, and come with a lifetime warranty.

We make straws for every type of drink, from smoothies to bubble tea, lemon water to starbucks coffee. Your favourite drinks will taste better with glass!

Some people wonder why we don’t sell stainless steel straws. We find that glass straws are the best reusable straws for a number of reasons. They don’t give off a metallic taste, they aren’t made overseas, and they don’t have sharp edges. Glass is not indestructible, but with our lifetime warranty, we believe these are the best eco friendly choice.

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