Level up your food experience with these gourmet hot sauces that will surely blow your mind.

Maritime Madness Hot Sauce Co. is a Canadian-based company known for making gourmet hot sauces in-house from scratch since 2002. All of their hot sauces are made only in Prince Edward Island.

Company Mission

The founders, as food lovers as they are, believe that one sauce does not fit all. That’s why they are taking pride in producing a large variety of the finest sauces and continue to innovate year after year. They currently have a variety of 35 sauces to choose from. They strive to have something great no matter what heat level, flavor profile, or lifestyle diet/protocol you follow, at a great value and always with health, flavor, and local sourcing in mind. 

What makes the products stand out?

R&D is built into their model.

Continually improving their products, from the content, packaging, and types of products. They love manufacturing and the connection to the creative process, and dedication to R&D is a big part of their identity.

FEATURED PRODUCTS ON THE SHOW: *Mild Edition* Mustard Pickle Sauce

Lots of folks have asked for a mild version of our best-selling mustard pickle sauce, so here it is!  A milder “sandwich sauce” version for your eating pleasure…

Mustard Pickle hot sauce! A taste of back home mustard pickles in every bite with *just a little* kick at the back end. This by far is one of the most popular hot sauces that we offer and customers ask for it by the “bucket load”. Great on meats such as sausages, hot dogs, and hamburgers but also goes well on baked potatoes and other types of foods. The applications are endless!

Burn Rate: 1 out of 12

Hot sauces made with love in small batches! You can purchase these hot sauces through their website https://maritimemadness.com/.

Whatever you’re eating, They’ve got a sauce for that!

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