Moneysworth and Best Quality Shoe Care is a family-owned company. Established in 1984, M&B manufactures, develops, distributes, and markets over 750 shoe and foot care products of the highest quality to over 10,000 stores across North America and abroad. Categories include Protectors, cleaners, polishes, insoles, fitting aids, shoe trees, shoe horns, gifts and kits, rubber and leather findings, adhesives and solvents, rubber boots, overshoes, and much more.

Shoe Repair Franchises

Moneysworth & Best operates North America’s largest shoe repair chain with 26 locations across Canada. These stores provide a multitude of services including shoe and leather repair, key cutting, luggage, and purse repair, and much more. They also serve as a destination for all shoe products and have a multitude of knowledge to offer in the shoe and foot care category.

It is the primary mission of the company to provide customers with comprehensive shoe care retailing solutions while promoting the importance of caring for and repairing your shoes. They take great pride in delivering this excellence with world-class reliability and dependability. M&B acquisition incorporated operates two key business platforms, whose synergy is at the heart of our extraordinary success.

FEATURED ON OUR SHOW: Sneaker Fresh Shoe Freshener

Keep your footwear fresh every season. This line of shoe fresheners works to combat unpleasant odors and control bacteria growth that develops naturally as a result of everyday perspiration.

Refresh and add the fun scent of bubble gum or apple to your sneakers! Controls the source of odor and keeps footwear fresh all day long. The upside-down spray applicator gives boots and shoes full coverage from heel to toe. Lasts up to 48 hours. Respray periodically so feet smell and feel fresh.

Suitable for freshening all types of footwear including sneakers, work boots, skates, cleats, winter boots, dress shoes, and more. May be used on any material including genuine or synthetic leather, canvas, suede, nubuck, mesh, nylon, fabric, and more.

Moneysworth & Best continues to be a leading and trusted brand in the industry. They have maintained long long-term relationships with customers which continue to thrive, while also focusing on expansion abroad. An emphasis on quality assurance, efficient delivery and logistics, marketing and brand recognition, category specialization, private label capabilities, retail merchandising solutions, and product innovation, proves that Moneysworth & Best has a strong commitment to serving the ever-expanding needs of their customers.

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