We talk about everything thats NOT CHEESE! Plant based QUESO!

“This is Bazaar” imagine sampling cheese sauce, only to find out there is no cheese in it.

“There has to be cheese in here” Nope….. just plants.

“What kind of cheese do you use” We don’t use cheese.

“I am allergic to the orange dye” The orange is naturally coming from carrot and paprika (does dairy cheese use dye?)

“Thanks for blowing my mind” You’re welcome ☺️ .

It’s everything bizarre, it’s everything delicious, it’s everything natural, it’s just plants, and, you won’t believe it’s not cheese. . Pick up some dairy free “cheese sauce” for your Christmas meals, fondues, brunches, or gatherings ~ and have fun blowing your guests away with their new favourite Cheese made out of plants.

Have it delivered through @eat4later .

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Locally sourced ingredients
Gluten dairy sugar soy & oil FREE
100% plantbased•wholefoods•vegan
All Natural•cheese sauce alternative•

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