Did you know that spent grain contributes to Canada’s waste levels of almost 60%? Arguably, breweries have been throwing away the healthiest part of the grain for years. Spent grain is packed full of fibre, protein, and minerals.

That’s where we step in…

At the heart of it, we rescue spent grain from breweries and transform it into delicious baking mixes that the whole family can enjoy. Our Upcycled Barley flour is at the root of our high-fibre, low sugar treats. Our vision is to create a way for people to benefit from the “whole” grain- in a healthy and delicious way.

Our baking mixes took off with our successful kickstarter.


Our Susgrainable Products!
Our flour is turned into simple healthier baking mixes and customers benefit from better nutrition and creating a positive environmental impact.

Are you ready for Susgrainable’s guilt-free cookies? With a 3:1 sugar to fibre ratio, you will not find another company that balances taste, health, and sustainability quite like us. 

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