Welcome to the ultimate destination for exceptional Sea Moss products, the World Moss. As Canada’s leading Sea Moss company, the company is passionate about providing the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced Sea Moss to support your health and well-being.

Products are prepared in a certified kitchen by licensed food handlers, holding CFIA certification and FDA registration. Enjoy freshness with their oxygen-sealed bottles, making your well-being journey exceptional from start to finish and available across North America.

Explore the diverse range of nutrient-dense Sea Moss gels, raw Sea Moss, and mouthwatering Sea Moss-infused beverages, specifically crafted for health-conscious consumers. Their Sea Moss is ethically harvested from the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea, Indian Sea, and the Bay of Fundy, ensuring an unmatched commitment to quality.

At World Moss, their mission is to revolutionize the health and wellness industry by delivering eco-friendly, premium Sea Moss products, while empowering black-owned businesses and championing environmentally-conscious growth. They pride themselves on exceptional customer service, biodegradable packaging, and maintaining strong partnerships with sustainable suppliers.



Mango is a fruit known and loved by many across the world. The addition of the tart and tropical passion fruit seems to transport you to the islands. Drink as you would any other fruit juice knowing the simplest ingredients are entering your body.

Vegan Ingredients:

  • Mango
  • Passion fruit
  • Water
  • Sea Moss

Join the quest to create a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come. Experience the remarkable benefits of the outstanding Sea Moss products and take your wellness journey to a new heights. Shop now and let World Moss redefine your path to well-being.

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Where Top-Quality Sea Moss Meets Your Wellness Needs!

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